Friday, August 19, 2011

Good Samaritan or Stupid?

So last night I delivered a $17 order to a not so good area. The man went in his car, got his wallet and gave me a $100 bill, thinking it was a $20 and told me "keep the change". Without thinking I said,"This is a $100". and he was surprised at his mistake and swapped it for a $20 thanking me. His mom or whatever thanked me too and gave me $11 extra dollars mistakenly as well, because she gave me a 10 and a 1, and i heard her shout earlier saying she had two dollars, unaware one of them was a $10.  So instead of a potential $94 tip I got a $14 tip.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Tip

So I clocked into work and I see an order to this one house known for tipping exceptionally well and just my luck I'm the person who gets to take it. They always pay with a $100 bill and say keep the change, netting me around $15-$40 depending on how much they order. Needless to say $22 tip :) Ended up making $50 that night. Hopefully I have the same luck tonight!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yahoo Domains?

On a side note. After this site has started to receive quite a bit of traffic, I've been thinking about buying a yahoo domain. I'm not sure really I've checked competitors but yahoo seems to have the most appealing domains in my opinion. Any ideas on a good domain name?

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bit Too Friendly

Well the week is over and I had about $150 in cash from tips.

I remembered I delivered a pizza last year to a Day's Inn late at night. I called the number but got no answer, and proceeded to knock on the door. A lady answered, very friendly, and she tipped $5. Then when I left like 10 minutes later she called, and left a voicemail saying I should come over and spend some time with her.  I'm 100% sure she was a hooker. Or maybe I'm just a looker. Or Both.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crazy Mofos

So i made a delivery to a mental hospital prison. Granted thank god i didn't have to go actually inside, but I saw some of the people inside the gates. Boy did they look crazy. I heard a rumor that some guy I used to work with me at Papa Johns friend worked there and got lots of her hair pulled out. But I wouldn't take anything he said for truth because ironically that guy was pretty fucking crazy too.

Made like $45 on very little gas. $$$ new shoes to come.

Long Time No See

Last few days have been pretty hectic at work. Made $65 and $35 in tips last 2 days. Delivered to a cute girl I knew, kinda awkward because being the pizza delivery guy doesn't look like the coolest job.

One delivery was to the second floor of the hospital, and it was pretty late at night. Went to security, they called, got a wristband, and then proceeded to maze my way through an unknown hospital. His directions, two rights, a left and a right... And the employees I had to deliver to doors were like those secret spy 1way/2way windows.

Pretty cool I guess.